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      Keyword Optimization Amplifies YoY Growth

      Equipment Experts, Inc. is a local diesel truck repair and maintenance shop servicing most of Western Washington. Their business relies heavily on phone calls directly from Google search. They wanted to increase incoming call volume on a limited advertising and marketing budget, and Portent delivered.




      Local Service Provider: Automotive

      23% Decrease in Average Cost Per Call
      118% Growth in Call Volume from Google Ads
      33% Increase in Average Click-Through-Rate

      Equipment Experts is a small, family-owned business that has been providing Western Washington with diesel truck repair and heavy equipment service since 2005.

      Local service industry businesses like Equipment Experts rely on visibility when customers are actively searching to solve an immediate need. Their primary conversion KPI is incoming calls, and they came to Portent looking for PPC services to facilitate their growth aspirations. However, as a small business, they had a nimble budget for advertising and marketing. Portent’s Small Business Solutions team was brought on to increase exposure at critical times when their potential customers are in need of their services.


      Our Small Business Solutions Team’s primary objective was to increase visibility and drive more calls from customers. To support this, we began by performing keyword audits and research to improve targeting effectiveness. We optimized their bidding strategy at the keyword level, and rewrote ad copy to drive stronger click-through. Our team significantly expanded the structure of the account to be more granular and improve optimization control.


      Portent’s approach to PPC management for this client was centered around conversion-focused spending and targeting. Our team aimed to utilize Equipment Expert’s limited budget as effectively as possible by strategically narrowing targeting, reducing wasteful spending, and researching new opportunities that have a high rate of return.

      This work continued as part of ongoing engagement. Our optimization and analysis showed early signs of effectiveness, but the largest value and overall boost in visibility came over time. Over a two-year period:

      • Call volume from Google Ads increased by 118%
      • Average cost per call decreased by 23%
      • Average click-through-rate increased by 33%?
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